University of Iowa

Instruction or Learning Opportunities

Notice: ICATER will close on June 30, 2019. Please refer to the Iowa Now article on center closures. Assistive technology and accessibility resources will be available on the UI College of Education’s Assistive Technology & Accessibility website beginning July 1, 2019.

College of Education Courses

  • PSQF:6211 – Universal Design and Accessibility for Online Instruction
  • EDTL:4987 or RCE:4187 – Introduction to Assistive Technology

University Guest Lectures and Units

  • EDTL:3002 – Technology in the Classroom
  • EDTL:4900 – Foundations of Special Education
  • EDTL:4940 – Characteristics of Disabilities
  • CSD:5104 – Language Disorders: School-Aged Children
  • TR:3164 – Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
  • EDTL:3172 – Elementary Reading Practicum
  • EPLS:5247 – Disability for Multiculturalism in Higher Education
  • PSQF:7345 – Academic Interventions