University of Iowa

What We Do

Notice: ICATER will close on June 30, 2019. Please refer to the Iowa Now article on center closures. Assistive technology and accessibility resources will be available on the UI College of Education’s Assistive Technology & Accessibility website beginning July 1, 2019.

We Teach

ICATER staff members are primary instructors for Introduction to Assistive Technology and Universal Design and Accessibility for Online Instruction. We provide an assistive technology unit for Technology in the Classroom. We also provide guest lecturers for Characteristics of Disabilities, Foundations of Special Education, Therapeutic and Inclusive Recreation, and others.

We Collaborate

We team up with AEAs to co-host and present at regional conferences each year. Between 150 and 200 teachers, therapists, and administrators learn how to improve student access and success through assistive technology, Accessible Educational Materials (AIM/AEM), and Universal Design for Learning. We also provide professional development opportunities across Iowa, including the Assistive Technology Institute.

ICATER works with the State of Iowa Assistive Technology Leadership Team, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation, the University Center of Excellence in Disability, Easterseals Iowa, and others to advance assistive technology devices and services statewide.

ICATER’s director is also a board member of the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA).

We Consult

University students, families of K-12 students, students and employees of the University come to ICATER to try out various assistive technology equipment and software. For example, we worked with Student Disability Services and Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation to make a Counseling and Rehabilitation Education student more independent in his internship. The student has a C4-5 spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis from the chest down and limited upper arm movement. His workstation was designed for independent computer and phone access